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Welcome to the Doc Culleton Interpretive Center

The Doc Culleton Memorial Building is the main building here at the Grand Encampment Museum. It was erected in 1966.

Doc Culleton Building

This is our reception area and gift shop, where you can purchase a great selection of books relating to our museum and interesting historic events. We even have a local author who has signed books in our shop!

Reception Area

The Mosley Folding Bathtub was originally purchased by Mr. H. H. Andrews of Callaway, Nebraska in 1895. He bought it from the Mosley Folding Bathtub Co., 161 South Canal St., Chicago, IL. The bathtub was given to the Grand Encampment Museum by the family of Walter Flohr of Cheyenne, WY.

This is a unique opportunity to view a "folding bathtub". Visit our museum to see how this works and the ingenuity that built it!

Folding Bathtup
This bike was restored by Henry Flohr of Saratoga, WY in 1957. Mr. Flohr found the bicycle in the Saratoga dump. It was broken and the wheels badly bent. It took Henry three years to research how to make new spokes for the wheels and to rebuild it. It came from the Charles Sanger Ranch on Brush Creek and had been brought into the valley by the Sanger Family.
Bicycle for one

We have a wonderful collection of unique artifacts including historic dolls.

Visit our museum to see the pristine condition dolls.

Historic Dolls
This is the last section of the main building. Here you see a married couple, a collection of hats, and a Square Grand Piano that belonged to Ben and Marie Welch in Saratoga, Wyoming.
Couple & Square Piano
Here you can come look at any of our magazines, photo albums, newspapers, and whatever else you can find for research materials!
GEM Library